What’s to come

Posted in Uncategorized on February 23, 2010 by Eric Stevens

Hi, my name is Eric Stevens, I currently live in Savannah, GA (where we are desperate for a metal scene) and I have been a fan of metal since childhood.  Since the internet came out, I have discovered a lot of cool underground metal bands that never really get must exposure…you have to do some digging to find out about a lot of them.  I like various styles of music, but metal is definitely my favorite.  I like finding out about obscure metal bands and turning others onto them.

I plan on kicking this blog off with some interviews and album reviews of some bands that I am familiar with.  I will probably be doing an interview with Howie Bentley of Briton Rites, a new traditional doom/British style heavy metal project based in my own state, Georgia.  Howie is a guitar virtuoso and a metal genius, and he is the mastermind behind this band, writing all the songs and playing all the guitars and bass tracks.  Featured on vocals on the debut album soon to be released is Phil Swanson of the doom metal band Hour of 13, and on drums is Corbin King of Vainglory.

There have been a couple of snags in the process of getting this album released, but the recording itself has been finished, and should come out soon.  You can check out a couple of songs from the album on their Myspace page. Howie Bentley is also the mastermind behind the now disbanded metal act Cauldron Born, which was more in the technical/epic/classic metal style.  You can find their debut album, Born of the Cauldron, on Stormspell Records, which has recently been reissued.

Anyway, keep checking back for updates.